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The CS Blog Task Force


The panel was very impressed with the focus and depth of the Department, with its ability to integrate theory and applications, and with its international leadership in several important fields.


Academy of Finland: Computer Science Research in Finland 2000–2006: International Evaluation (Publication of the Academy of Finland 8/07), p. 44.


The teaching/educational programme of the department clearly rests on a very solid pedagogical basis.


The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council: Centres of Excellence in Finnish University Education 2010–2012 (report 03:2009), p. 68.

Malware Insights: Android Infection Rates and Techniques for Identifying Unknown Malware

In the second research result of the month, we report on the recent results in understanding mobile malware. The research was presented and published in the prestigious World Wide Web conference in April 2014.

Theoretical advances for comparative genomics

The Department has started a new “Research result of the month” series written by Professor and Deputy Head Sasu Tarkoma. In the first result of the month report, we interview Dr. Djamal Belazzougui about his recent accepted scientific article in the prestigious STOC conference, the ACM Symposium on the Theory of Computing.

Software Factory Speeds up Ruby on Rails

Software Factory, the experimental R&D laboratory at the University of Helsinki, successfully continues its open source collaboration with the software industry, open source community, and leading universities like Stanford University and MIT.

Not just the local hero

For the Department of Computer Science, the well-being of international staff has a long history. Everyday communication in English is an essential part of this.

“It makes no sense to be just the local hero. If we want to develop further, we’ll need to follow international research standards” emphasises Juergen Muench. The German Professor has been leading the Software Systems Engineering research group at Helsinki University’s Department of Computer Science since 2011.