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Musicreatures is a novel iPhone app that utilizes the multimodal interaction capabilities of smart phones in playful, real-time musicalization. It is targeted for all users regardless of their prior musical background. With the application, the user can create music in a simple game-like environment mainly using motion gestures.
Sleep musicalization is a novel way of perceiving and experiencing sleep measurement data. The web application retrieves sleep measurements from the Beddit service and then musicalizes them by composing a novel piece of music. The goal is to help users understand and analyze their sleeping patterns and eventually improve their sleep.

Biomine search engine
A prototype of an associative search engine for biological information, integrated from multiple public sources and implemented using techniques developed in the Biomine project.

A graph visualization tool in Java, used to display the results of the Biomine search engine. BMVis is a stable version which provides basic visulization and interaction. BMVis2 is more experimental and additionally implements a number of functions to process (e.g., cluster, simplify, compress) a graph.

HaploRec - Haplotype reconstruction
Scalable software for population-based haplotype phasing, especially for sparse marker maps.

ContextPhone - Context-aware platform for mobile phones
ContextPhone is an open software platform for context-aware applications. It can be used to collect, analyze and transmit information about its context, as well as to tag and publish contextual media.

HPM and TreeDT - Gene mapping methods
Software for association analysis, i.e., gene mapping based on linkage disequilibrium

AsVis - Visualization of association rules in SNP neighborhoods
A web application, available as source code, for visualizing association rules obtained from short, sequential data, such as SNP neighborhoods

Bassist - MCMC simulation for Bayesian statistical models
Bassist is a tool that automates the use of hierarchical Bayesian models in complex analysis tasks, by generating a model-specific MCMC sampler. Bassist is not supported any more.

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