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News and events

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20.08.2012 Enabling sensing-intensive mobile services: Challenges in power profiling and in the emerging area of eco-profiling.
14.09.2013 Normalized maximum likelihood methods for clustering and density estimation
13.06.2014 "The distributed adaptive control theory of mind and brain: towards consciousness in the machine"
14.01.2011 A combinatorial and integrated method to analyse High Throughput Sequecing reads
05.11.2010 A Grid-Based Algorithm for On-Device GSM Positioning
22.02.2013 A Model-Driven Approach to Service Ecosystem Engineering
21.12.2012 A survey of transliteration methods
02.05.2012 Access Selection Methods in Cooperative Multioperator Environments to Improve End-user and Operator Satisfaction
21.03.2014 Addition chains meet postage stamps: Number theory helps optimize repeated multiplication
05.02.2013 ALFALFA: a Novel Algorithm for Long Fragment Mapping and Alignment using Maximal Exact Matches
16.05.2012 Algodan poster session
12.01.2015 Algorithmic bioinformatics subprogramme opening event
02.10.2012 Algorithms and machine learning
06.05.2013 Algorithms for Bioinformatics
06.05.2013 Algorithms for Bioinformatics
03.02.2012 Algorithms for Exact Structure Discovery in Bayesian Networks
22.11.2012 Algorithms for Large Incomplete-Information Games
29.01.2015 Alumnipäivä
07.03.2011 An excursion into algebraic tools for combinatorial problems
12.08.2014 Analysis methods for extracting knowledge from large-scale WiFi monitoring to inform building facility planning
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