News and events

News and events

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04.09.2014 Seminar on summer work projects August 21 and September 4 2014
03.09.2014 Scaffolding and read pair distributions
25.08.2014 Continuous Context Inference on Mobile Platforms
21.08.2014 Seminar on summer work projects August 21 and September 4 2014
20.08.2014 Design and Evaluation of Serious Games and Virtual Experiences for Safety and Emergency Preparedness
15.08.2014 Constraint-based Causal Discovery: Conflict Resolution with Answer Set Programming
12.08.2014 Analysis methods for extracting knowledge from large-scale WiFi monitoring to inform building facility planning
11.08.2014 Towards Anticipatory Mobile Computing: Challenges and Opportunities
01.08.2014 talk: Every day interactions with your phone
30.06.2014 Methods for Finding Interesting Nodes in Weighted Graphs
13.06.2014 "The distributed adaptive control theory of mind and brain: towards consciousness in the machine"
13.06.2014 Tilted Variational Bayes
12.06.2014 Data Visualization by Neighbor Embedding
06.06.2014 High-Dimensional Incremental Divisive Clustering under Population Drift
30.05.2014 CS education and edutechnology workshop with Univ. Eastern Finland (joint LUMAT-workshop)
28.05.2014 Secure Systems Demo Day
25.04.2014 Demo: Modern cyberattack tools
11.04.2014 Public demonstration lecture for the title of docent: Introduction to Reinforcement Learning
28.03.2014 Classifier Chains for Multi-label Classification
21.03.2014 Addition chains meet postage stamps: Number theory helps optimize repeated multiplication
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19.02.2013 For the second half-term (period IV) registration starts on TUESDAY 19 Feb at 9.00 o'clock .
30.01.2013 Kumpula career course: CS Career opportunities
30.01.2013 Summer jobs in IT research institutions (deadline February 24th 2013)
08.01.2013 Registration to spring 2013 (for the first half-term (period III) and courses lasting the whole term) starts on Tuesday 8th of January at 9.00.
04.12.2012 Invitation to a webcast by Aalto University
26.11.2012 TKO-äly Xmas sauna
22.11.2012 International Campus Café
09.11.2012 Guest lecture for students and faculty: Heikki Orsila: Google SRE - Engineering Reliability
08.11.2012 Syksyn Startup 2012 - The rise of networked humans and machines in the world. True stories. In 3D.
31.10.2012 Tiedebasaari opiskelijoille / Science Bazaar for students (Kumpula)
23.10.2012 Linus Torvalds at the department, Q&A with students and faculty
17.09.2012 Sports and wellbeing day in Kumpula for staff & students
07.09.2012 Opening of the academic year 7.9.2012
03.09.2012 University's opening ceremony on Monday, 3 September at the city centre campus
28.08.2012 The registration to courses of fall 2012 starts on Tue 28th of August at 9.00
29.06.2012 Summer 2012 software engineering project demos
31.05.2012 Oletko kiinnostunut tutkimustyöstä? Tutkijalinjan hakudeadline 31.5.2012
30.05.2012 General assembly for staff and students of the department
08.05.2012 Spring term conclusion sauna
04.05.2012 Kevään 2012 ohjelmistotuotantoprojektien demotilaisuus
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