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News and events

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29.11.2013 Normalized Random Measures and Extensions
28.11.2013 Min-Sum 2-Paths Problems
20.11.2013 Causal Structure Learning and Effect Identification in Linear Non-Gaussian Models and Beyond
19.11.2013 Causal discovery with functional causal models: Different types of "independence"
19.11.2013 Tracking down repeats in strings
18.11.2013 Autumn School on Computational Creativity
15.11.2013 Learning Chordal Markov Networks by Constraint Satisfaction
14.11.2013 Text mining for creative cross-domain knowledge discovery
11.11.2013 Privacy and Trust in Pervasive Social Networking
08.11.2013 Knowledge Discovery in High Dimensional Data
01.11.2013 Linear forms over semirings: algorithmic applications and complexity results
25.10.2013 Exploration and retrieval of whole-metagenome sequencing samples
16.10.2013 ConXsense: Context sensing for adaptive usable access control
02.10.2013 Towards understanding of the three-dimensional chromosomal organization. A Bayesian model-based approach to analyze Hi-C data
27.09.2013 Facebook tech talk on Graph Search & Cryptography
27.09.2013 Distributed algorithms and computational algorithm design
20.09.2013 Computational methods for augmenting association-based gene mapping
20.09.2013 Treedy: A Heuristic for Counting and Sampling Subsets
14.09.2013 Normalized maximum likelihood methods for clustering and density estimation
13.09.2013 Information Theoretic Validity of Penalized Likelihood Procedures: Application to Sparse Regression and Gaussian Graphical Models
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