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News and events

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02.10.2013 Towards understanding of the three-dimensional chromosomal organization. A Bayesian model-based approach to analyze Hi-C data
27.09.2013 Facebook tech talk on Graph Search & Cryptography
27.09.2013 Distributed algorithms and computational algorithm design
20.09.2013 Computational methods for augmenting association-based gene mapping
20.09.2013 Treedy: A Heuristic for Counting and Sampling Subsets
14.09.2013 Normalized maximum likelihood methods for clustering and density estimation
13.09.2013 Information Theoretic Validity of Penalized Likelihood Procedures: Application to Sparse Regression and Gaussian Graphical Models
12.09.2013 Brain-based Programming: A New Concept for Computer Science Education
09.09.2013 Enabling Multipath and Multicast Data Transmission in Legacy and Future Internet
06.09.2013 Guest lecture: Bengt Aspvall: "CS Unplugged"
27.08.2013 Guest lecture for students and faculty: Simon Spacey: OpenPAT: Analysing Programs the Easy Way
23.08.2013 Creativity Supporting Learning Environments: Two Case Studies on Teaching Programming
21.08.2013 Seminar on summer work projects
27.06.2013 Dynamic Aspects of Knowledge Bases
24.06.2013 Game changers in science communications -- Department present at Think Corner
12.06.2013 RNA-Seq data analysis: a combinatorial approach based on local transcriptome assembly
06.06.2013 Evolution and Computation
21.05.2013 Current situation with the study and R&D on the Math. Faculty and Dept. of CS at PetrSU
08.05.2013 Discovering Causal Relations in the Presence of Latent Confounders
07.05.2013 Talk: Causally Inspired Approaches to Variable Selection, Molecular Signature Identification, and Integrative Analysis of Heterogeneous Datasets
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