Visualization tools for temperature / humidity data

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 Topic domain: Implementation, actual research.

This topic can be roughly divided into three parts: background research about the best way to visualize the given data, analysis of the chosen visualization aid and software implementation. The last part could be "outsourced" to a software engineering or factory project(s).

The student is given the data set containing all measured temperature and relative humidity data from the Lost Computers project. The goal is to research, choose and implement the best possible way to examine trends for varying periods of time: one day, multiple days, days of similar sunshine / wind conditions, seasons, seasonal changes, etc. Literally, the sky is the limit and there is a surprising amount of depth to be research here.

There is a mountain of usability data on previous visualization tools. However, is it really true that a 2D graph plot is the best for this? If it is, what is the best way to implement it so that different periods can be chosen as easily as possible? Balance UI with the very narrow scope, evaluate, and implement.

Skills needed

  • Solid grasp on feasibility
  • Inventiveness and eager to evaluate prototypes

Focus gauge

  • Theory 1/5: maybe some cognitive science
  • Coding / Implementation 5/5: several prototypes needed
  • Reading 3/5: lots of material, but easy to read


02.10.2010 - 12:48 Mikko A T Pervilä
29.09.2010 - 15:21 Mikko A T Pervilä