Delve into P2P (file sharing/content distribution) Systems

Networking and Services
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 Description: In this topic, the students are free to choose one of the popular P2P systems they are interested in. Though there is not restrictions on what system a student can choose, those systems focus on file sharing or content distribution are recommended. The students are required to delve into the system he/she chooses, develop necessary tools to help them understand the system by collecting useful information from the sytem. Then the students should show how the system works, who are using it, what are the characteristics of the users, and many other properties they can discover from the system.

Skill needed:

  • Solid knowledge in distributed system and P2P network;
  • Basic programming skills;
  • Some hacking knowledge is a plus;

Focus gauge:

  • Theory 2/5
  • Coding / Implementation 4/5
  • Reading 4/5: Depending on what system a student choose.

08.06.2011 - 21:03 Liang Wang
08.06.2011 - 21:03 Liang Wang