PhD Studies

Updating the research plan

Students should update their research and study plan (see a model research plan under How to apply) annually and submit it in electronic form (pdf) to the DoCS steering committee. The updated plan should specify which results have been achieved so far and it should contain a detailed plan of the next phase in the research and studies.

If you belong to a graduate school, you will first-hand report to the school, and do not have to submit your plan according to the instructions on this page.

After two years of studies, the plan should include a clear description of the PhD thesis specifying how and when the student will finish the thesis.

The updating process is as follows:

  1. Update your plan and discuss it with your supervisor during the annual development talk.
  2. Send the updated plan to your mentors and ask for comments; preferrably meet with them personally.
  3. Update your plan based on the comments and submit it to the DoCS steering committee by using a web form (as the link from

In the case you take too long to finish your PhD studies, the Faculty of Science may also require you to update your plan. Please see register monitoring.



PhD Studies

PhD Studies