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30.05.2011 Efficient optimization methods for statistical learning Aapo Hyvärinen
17.12.2014 Biology meets graph theory - Faster algorithms for the Minimum Path Cover problem with application to multi-assembly problems Alexandru Tomescu
16.05.2011 Navigation and Augmented Reality Eve Hoggan
16.05.2011 Multimodality: Best Feedback Across Modalities Eve Hoggan
16.05.2011 Multitouch and and next generation infotainment Eve Hoggan
16.05.2011 Ubiquitous Sensing and Pervasive Games Eve Hoggan
16.05.2011 Kinect and 3D depth Sensors Eve Hoggan
16.05.2011 Domesticating Search Eve Hoggan
09.01.2013 Alignment-free sequence comparison with biologically significant patterns Fabio Cunial
11.02.2014 Social Information Seeking: Visualizing Activity Traces to Support Collaborative Searches Giulio Jacucci
07.06.2012 Mining and using metaphors and analogies in texts Hannu Toivonen
25.11.2014 Exploring contextual co-presence detection with sensor fusion Hien Truong
16.10.2014 Distributed analytics over the IoT Julien Mineraud
18.05.2015 Secure web of IoT platforms Julien Mineraud
10.06.2011 Multiarmed bandits in machine learning Jyrki Kivinen
10.06.2011 Learning to rank Jyrki Kivinen
12.05.2011 Trust calculus / Privacy calculus / Reputation calculus Lea Kutvonen
12.05.2011 Case study on UML4ODP modeling Lea Kutvonen
12.05.2011 Cross-organisational enterprise architectures - a survey Lea Kutvonen
12.05.2011 Tracing ownership of information Lea Kutvonen
10.05.2011 Efficiency of computational service monitoring Lea Kutvonen
10.05.2011 Transforming business-level policies to monitoring rules Lea Kutvonen
12.05.2011 Subjective criteria for successful business transactions Lea Kutvonen
12.05.2011 Applying model-driven engineering in open service ecosystem environment Lea Kutvonen
12.05.2011 Channel types and open bindings Lea Kutvonen
13.06.2012 Trust management interface for cloud-based systems Lea Kutvonen
13.06.2012 Development of an eContract compliance interface Lea Kutvonen
25.08.2014 Overview of CINCO group's thesis topic areas - (checked 25.8.2013) Lea Kutvonen
07.02.2014 Exploiting model-driven engineering in enterprise computing renewal Lea Kutvonen
21.06.2011 Overlay Network on Ukko Cluster Liang Wang
08.06.2011 Delve into P2P (file sharing/content distribution) Systems Liang Wang
08.06.2011 Survey on Virtualization Liang Wang
08.06.2011 Networking Experiment Visualization Liang Wang
11.12.2013 Utilizing Ceph filesystem for Scientic Cloud, A perfomance and stability analysis Lirim Osmani
11.12.2013 Feasibility study of GlusterFS and CephFS in geographically distributed environment Lirim Osmani
20.06.2012 Fast zeta transforms Mikko Koivisto
25.03.2013 Fast Graph Coloring in the Worst Case Mikko Koivisto
11.05.2015 Sampling and counting linear extensions using rapidly mixing Markov chains: An implementation Mikko Koivisto
29.09.2010 Tweeting Sensors Mikko Pervilä
02.10.2010 Visualization tools for temperature / humidity data Mikko Pervilä
02.10.2010 Snapshot of embedded systems network performance Mikko Pervilä
02.10.2010 Correctness Benchmarks Mikko Pervilä
02.10.2010 Sustainable Power in Server Environments Mikko Pervilä
09.12.2013 Interactive Multimedia Over LTE Mohammad Hoque
10.12.2013 Modeling LTE power consumption Mohammad Hoque
02.01.2014 cpu.GPU architecture for energy efficient computation offloading Mohammad Hoque
20.09.2014 GPU for massive data analysis Mohammad Hoque
14.10.2014 Massive Data Analytics and Algorithmic Data Representation Mohammad Hoque
14.10.2014 Performance Analysis of Big Data Analytics Platform Mohammad Hoque
27.11.2014 Please rearrange my SQUARES Mohammad Hoque
15.03.2015 Cloud-Based Battery SOC estimation Mohammad Hoque
07.09.2012 Biological sequence alignment Niko Välimäki
27.08.2011 High Performing Software Teams / "Huipputuottavat" ohjelmistotiimit Petri Kettunen
27.08.2011 Software Innovation Petri Kettunen
27.08.2011 Future Software Development Organizations Petri Kettunen
05.04.2012 New Software Process Development Petri Kettunen
01.11.2012 Open Data Software Petri Kettunen
14.05.2013 Kinect-based gesture tracking Petteri Nurmi
14.05.2013 Customer Activity Recognition in Retail Environments Petteri Nurmi
09.12.2013 Segmenting images to distinguish elements of interest Petteri Nurmi
09.12.2013 Gesture and Augmented Reality Interface for Radio Controlled Drones Petteri Nurmi
09.12.2013 Recognizing Anomalous Objects from Radio Controlled Drone Imagery Petteri Nurmi
09.12.2013 Gesture Recognition using Smart watches Petteri Nurmi
09.12.2013 Crowd sensing using Cameras Petteri Nurmi
22.01.2014 Recommender Systems for Mobile Malware Petteri Nurmi
04.04.2014 DCP Service Portal REST API Samu Varjonen
04.04.2014 Preparing open source code for publication Samu Varjonen
08.08.2013 Erityyppisten testitehtävien vaikutukset käytettävyystestin tuloksiin Sari Laakso
10.02.2013 Käytettävyystestin tuottamien käytettävyysongelmien jäsentäminen ja raportointi Sari Laakso
10.02.2013 Haastattelujen ja havainnoinnin tuottamien testitapausten erot käyttöliittymän arvioinnissa Sari Laakso
10.02.2013 Toiminnallisten vaatimusten ja tietosisältövaatimusten syntyminen käyttöliittymäsuunnittelussa Sari Laakso
10.02.2013 Simulointipohjaisen käyttöliittymäsuunnittelun erot muihin suunnittelumenetelmiin verrattuna Sari Laakso
20.11.2010 Content-based Key Derivation for Mobile Computing Sasu Tarkoma
15.11.2010 Poset structures for distributed computing Sasu Tarkoma
15.11.2010 Bloom filters for fast forwarding Sasu Tarkoma
15.11.2010 Differential privacy for distributed computing Sasu Tarkoma
15.11.2010 Cloud computing systems (several topics) Sasu Tarkoma
15.11.2010 HIP and PLA for datacenters Sasu Tarkoma
15.11.2010 Mobile energy measurement (several topics) Sasu Tarkoma
03.12.2010 Software defined routers with OpenFlow Sasu Tarkoma
05.08.2011 Novel Web Content Caching and Distribution Algorithm Sasu Tarkoma
12.05.2012 Mobile Offloading in Wireless Broadband Access Sasu Tarkoma
12.05.2012 System and Protocol Design for IPv6 Internet Sasu Tarkoma
16.02.2015 White spectrum database APIs Suzan Bayhan
11.12.2013 Android client for dynamic adaptive video streaming in CCN Suzan Bayhan
11.12.2013 Energy and bandwidth optimized prefetching for mobile video streaming in CCN Suzan Bayhan
22.12.2014 Analysis of the contents in a mobile device Suzan Bayhan
20.02.2015 Semi-automatic solving of "Jigsaw puzzles" for material reconstruction of Dead Sea Scrolls Teemu Roos
13.06.2013 Succinct Colored De Bruijn Graphs Veli Mäkinen
10.04.2014 Software Defined Networking (SDN) for Cloud Services Yi Ding
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