Aapo Hyvärinen



AISTATS: Estimating Dependency Structures for non-Gaussian Components with Linear and Energy Correlations.

NeuroImage: Decoding MEG rhythmic activity using spectrospatial information

NeuroImage: Group-level spatial ICA of Fourier envelopes or rs-MEG data

NeuNet: A Bayesian Inverse Solution using ICA

NeuroImage&Frontiers: ISCTEST: Testing independent components

JPhysP: A Three-Layer Model of Natural Image Statistics (21MB)

JMLR: Pairwise Likelihood Ratios for Estimation of Non-Gaussian Structural Equation Models

PhilTransRSoc: Independent Component Analysis: Recent Advances

JMLR: Noise-Contrastive Estimation of Unnormalized Statistical Models, with Applications to Natural Image Statistics

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