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Technology News

  • Canadian company Byres Security releases EndBox product for SCADA and Industrial Process Control Systems.
    Powered by HIP!
  • Check out how Boeing is using HIP to assemble 777 airplanes.
  • IEEE 802.15.9 Task Group for Key Management Protocol in 802.15 is using HIP DEX
  • Boeing announces a super-secure Android smart phone.
  • "Asguard's SimpleConnect product is a new implementation of the HIP VPLS approach, and we've taken the product ease of use and scaling to the next level."

Awards and Achievements

  • Celtic Excellence Award (SILVER) for MEVICO project (Partner PI)
  • Best paper award at IEEE Globecom'11 (1070 accepted papers).
  • Over 140 papers and 3000 citations on Google Scholar, h-index=22
  • Senior member, IEEE; professional member, ACM
  • Youngest member (at 28) of the Finnish Union of University Professors
  • Youngest PhD (25) at Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki (previously Vice-president of Aalto University, Heikki Mannila)
  • Received an award from Alumni Association of University of Helsinki jointly with Ms. Tarja Halonen (president of Finland)
  • Research award from Sonera Foundation
  • Earned two Master's degrees on CS (at 21) and Applied Math (at 22), average grade 5.0/5.0
  • Led the first PetrSU team at ACM Collegiate Programming Content that got 3rd degree diploma (nowadays Russian Universities often lead the world finals)
  • Graduated from high school at 16, silver medal, average grade 5.0/5.0

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    I was born in Petrozavodsk, a capital of Russian Karelia. I went to study to Finland in 1996.

    For hobbies, I like a bit of extreme flavor