D. Golovin, V. Goyal, V. Polishchuk, R. Ravi, M. Sysikaski
Improved approximations for two-stage mincut and shortest path problems under uncertainty
   To appear in MathProg

S. Sankararaman, K. Abu-Affash, A. Efrat, S. Eriksson-Bique, V. Polishchuk, S. Ramasubramanian, M. Segal
Optimization Schemes for Protective Jamming
   Special issue of MONET on Smart Obj Appl&Mgmt    MobiHoc'12   Slides

H. Alt, E. Arkin, A. Efrat, G. Hart, F. Hurtado, I. Kostitsyna, A. Kröller, J. Mitchell, V. Polishchuk
Scandinavian Thins on Top of Cake: New and Improved Algorithms for Stacking and Packing
   Special issue of ToCS on FUN'12   Slides

J. Mitchell, V. Polishchuk, M. Sysikaski
Minimum-link paths revisited
   Special issue of CGTA on EuroCG'11   Slides

E. Arkin, C. Dieckmann, C. Knauer, J. Mitchell, V. Polishchuk, L. Schlipf, S. Yang
Convex Transversals
    Special issue of CGTA on WADS'11   Slides

E. Arkin, A. Efrat, J. Mitchell, S. Ramasubramanian, V. Polishchuk, S. Sankararaman, J. Taheri
Data Transmission and Base-Station Placement for Optimizing Network Lifetime
   Special issue of Ad Hoc Networks on DIALM-POMC'10    Slides

I. Kostitsyna, V. Polishchuk
Simple Wriggling is Hard unless you are a Fat Hippo
   Special issue of ToCS on FUN'10    Slides       Post at Improbable Research

J. Kim, J. Mitchell, V. Polishchuk, S. Yang, J. Zou
Routing Multi-Class Traffic Flows in the Plane
   CGTA, 45(3):99-114, 2012

M. Hassinen, J. Kaasinen, E. Kranakis, V. Polishchuk, J. Suomela, A. Wiese
Analysing local algorithms in location-aware quasi unit-disk graphs
   DAM 159(15):1566-1580, 2011   Slides

V. Polishchuk, M. Sysikaski
Faster algorithms for minimum-link paths with restricted orientations
   WADS'11   Slides

E. Arkin, M. A. Bender, J. Mitchell, V. Polishchuk
The Snowblower Problem
   CGTA 44(8):370-384, 2011        WAFR'06 slides

P. Agarwal, A. Efrat, C. Gniady, J. Mitchell, V. Polishchuk, G. Sabhnani
Distributed Localization and Clustering Using Data Correlation and the Occam's Razor Principle
   DCOSS'11   Slides

E. Arkin, J. Mitchell, V. Polishchuk
Maximum Thick Paths in Static and Dynamic Environments
    Special issue of CGTA on SoCG'08

P. Floréen, P. Kaski, V. Polishchuk, J. Suomela
Almost Stable Matchings by Truncating the Gale--Shapley Algorithm
    Special issue of Algorithmica on Matching             Slides

M. Åstrand, P. Floréen, V. Polishchuk, J. Rybicki, J. Suomela, J. Uitto
A local 2-approximation algorithm for the vertex cover problem
   DISC'09   Slides

E. Arkin, S. P. Fekete, K. Islam, H. Meijer, J. Mitchell, Y. Nunez, V. Polishchuk, D. Rappaport, H. Xiao
Not Being (Super)Thin or Solid is Hard: A Study of Grid Hamiltonicity
   CGTA 42(6-7):582-605, 2009           EuroComb'07 slides

V. Polishchuk, J. Suomela
A Simple Local 3-Approximation Algorithm for Vertex Cover
    IPL 109(12):642-645, 2009

E. Arkin, S. W. Bae, K. Okamoto, A. Efrat, J. Mitchell, V. Polishchuk
Geometric Stable Roommates
   IPL 109(4):219-224, 2009

A. Efrat, S. P. Fekete, P. R. Gaddehosur, J. Mitchell, V. Polishchuk, J. Suomela
Improved Approximation Algorithms for Relay Placement
    ESA'08   Slides

V. Polishchuk, J. Suomela
Optimal backlog in the plane
    ALGOSENSORS'08   Slides

J. Mitchell, V. Polishchuk
Minimum-Perimeter Enclosures
   IPL 107(3-4):120-124, 2008           Slides

J. Mitchell, V. Polishchuk
Thick Non-Crossing Paths and Minimum-Cost Flows in Polygonal Domains
    SoCG'07   Slides

M. Dror, Y. Lee, J. Orlin, V. Polishchuk
The TSP and the Sum of its Marginal Values
    IJCGA 16(4):333-343, 2006


P. Bak, E. Packer, H. Ship, M. Nikkilä, V. Polishchuk
Visual Analytics for Spatial Clustering: Using a Heuristic Approach for Guided Exploration
   Special issue of IEEE TransVisCG on IEEE VIS (VAST)'13    Slides    Video

D. Krasnoshchekov, V. Polishchuk
Order-k alpha-hulls and alpha-shapes
   IPL, 114(1-2):76-83, 2014    SoCG'10 video and applet (with A. Vihavainen)    AGU'09 poster    SMI'08 poster

A. Efrat, M. Nikkilä, V. Polishchuk
Sweeping a Terrain by Collaborative Aerial Vehicles
   ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS'13    Slides    Output videos    Matlab code

Y. Borodin, V. Polishchuk, J. Mahmud, I.V. Ramakrishnan, A. Stent
Live and Learn from Mistakes: A Lightweight System for Document Classification
   IPM, 49(1):83-98, 2013

T. Andersson, V. Polishchuk
Socially optimal allocation of ATM resources via truthful market-based mechanisms
    SID'12    Slides

S. Yang, J. Mitchell, J. Krozel, V. Polishchuk, J. Kim, J. Zou
Flexible Airlane Generation to Maximize Flow Under Hard and Soft Constraints
   ATCQ 19(3):1-26, 2011

J. Krozel, M. Ganji, S. Yang, J. Mitchell, V. Polishchuk
Metrics for evaluating the impact of weather on jet routes
   AMS ARAM'11   Slides

J. Krozel, S. Yang, J. Mitchell, V. Polishchuk
Strategies to Mitigate Off-Nominal Events in Super Dense Operations
   AIAA GNC'11   Slides

M. Nöllenburg, V. Polishchuk, M. Sysikaski
Dynamic One-Sided Boundary Labeling
   ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS'10   Slides   Java applet

V. Polishchuk, A. Vihavainen
Periodic Multi-Labeling of Public Transit Lines
   GIScience'10   Slides   Maplab webpage

J. Krozel, J. Mitchell, A. Pääkkö, V. Polishchuk
Throughput/Complexity Tradeoffs for Routing Traffic in the Presence of Dynamic Weather
   ICRAT'10   Slides    Output videos          Video at SoCG'08

G. Sabhnani, A. Yousefi, D. P. Kierstead, I. Kostitsyna, J. Mitchell, V. Polishchuk
Algorithmic Traffic Abstraction and its Application to NextGen Generic Airspace
    ATIO'10   Slides

V. Polishchuk, A. Pääkkö, J. Mitchell, J. Krozel
Planning Routes with Wiggle Room in En Route Weather-Impacted Airspaces
   AIAA GNC'09   Slides       Java applet

J. Krozel, J. Mitchell, V. Polishchuk, J. Prete
Maximum Flow Rates for Capacity Estimation in Level Flight with Convective Weather Constraints
   ATCQ 15(3):209-238, 2007            AIAA GNC'07

J. Mitchell, V. Polishchuk, J. Krozel
Airspace Throughput Analysis Considering Stochastic Weather
   AIAA GNC'06   Slides

V. Polishchuk, M. Kanevski
Comparison of Unsupervised and Supervised Training of RBF Neural Networks

V. Demyanov, M. Kanevski, E. Savelieva, V. Timonin, S. Chernov, V. Polishchuk, M. Maignan
Neural Network Residual Stochastic Cosimulation for Environmental Data Analysis

V. Demyanov, N. Gilardi, M. Kanevski, M. Maignan, V. Polishchuk
Decision-Oriented Environmental Mapping with Radial Basis Function Neural Networks

V. Polishchuk, R. Gorn, M. Tsin, R. Birikh, A. Gorshkov, I. Novikov, V. Polishchuk, V. Chernatynskii, V. Yakushin
A conducting fluid flow in a current-carrying channel in an applied transverse magnetic field
    Magnetohydrodynamics 30(4):543-550, 1994