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TranSID: an SGML document manipulation language - Reference manual

Jani Jaakkola, Pekka Kilpeläinen, Greger Lindén, Jyrki Niemi, and Kimmo Paasiala: TranSID: an SGML document manipulation language - Reference manual. Report C-1999-35, Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, June 1999. 35 pages. <>

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TranSID is a tree-based SGML transformation language, which can also be used for other SGML processing: for performing queries and for limited formatting. An evaluator of the TranSID language has been implemented, and tested to run in the Linux and Solaris environments. This report serves as a reference manual of the TranSID language. The report describes the syntax and informal semantics of the language and its built-in functions, as of version 0.038 of the evaluator.

Index Terms

Categories and Subject Descriptors:
D.3.2 [Programming Languages]: Specialized application languages
H.2.3 [Database management]: Data manipulation languages (DML), Query languages
I.7.2 [Document and text processing]: Document Preparation
J.7 [Computers in other systems]: Publishing

General Terms: Design, Languages

Additional Key Words and Phrases: structured document transformations, SGML, tree transformation languages

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