Cinco: Collaborative and Interoperable Computing

Cinco Projects

Projects with external funding

Completed PhD and PhLic thesis work

  • Trust and mistrust management in Enterprise systems by Lea Viljanen, PhLic thesis
  • Modelling framework for interoperability management in collaborative computing environments by Toni Ruokolainen, PhLic thesis
  • A Model-Driven Approach to Service Ecosystem Engineering by Toni Ruokolainen, PhD thesis
  • The eff ect of reputation on trust decisions in inter-enterprise collaboration by Sini Ruohomaa, PhD thesis
  • Access Selection Methods in Cooperative Multi-operator Environment to Improve End-user and Operator Satisfaction by Petteri Pöyhönen, PhD thesis 
  • Under work:
  • Collaborative strategic business-driven management and governance of B2B virtual  organizations – a view to pragmatic interoperability in a service provider contex by Tuomas Nurmela, PhD thesis work under way
  • Mobile Web Service Interaction Framework by Suresh Chande, PhD thesis under evaluation
  • Detecting privacy patterns and anti-patterns in inter-enterprise collaboration: tools, methods and case studies, by Yiyun Shen
  • Privacy Protection and Management for Mobile Devices by Markus Miettinen, PhD thesis work under way


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