Cinco: Collaborative and Interoperable Computing




Lea Kutvonen, University lecturer, Docent (~ adjunct professor)

Areas of interest:

  • Interoperability; service interoperability, enterprise interoperability
  • Service oriented architectures
  • Middleware; building B2B middleware services; open service ecosystem infrastructure 
  • Distributed systems and software architectures
  • Web Services
  • Reference models like ODP (Open Distributed Processing), together with its component standards and exploitation (e.g. CORBA infrastructure) (current activity pages)





Sini Ruohomaa, PhD

My PhD research focuses on reputation and experience management of the TuBE trust management system, and integrating it into the Pilarcos middleware. I am refining the overall TuBE architecture and data model in my PhD thesis, with the goal of designing a system for making trust decisions that can easily be adjusted to different and changing business situations. In the core of each trust decision is a reputation-based assessment of the risk of participating or continuing in a given collaboration, which is weighed against the risk tolerance of the decision-maker. I am also involved in a research project to support user trust in mobile phone widgets.

Toni Ruokolainen, PhD

In my PhD research I am developing a conceptual framework for service ecosystems and an approach based on model-driven engineering for instrumenting ecosystems with corresponding knowledge repositories. The conceptualization is formalized by a set of metamodels. The approach is based on unification between ontological and linguistic metamodelling where user provided domain models describe relationships between domain concepts and their engineering counterparts. These relationships are then realized by knowledge repositories that provide facilities for managing the ontological and linguistic metamodelling relationships between modelling elements as well as the domain ontology relationships. Finally, a methodology for defining and instrumenting new service ecosystems is provided. For initiating new kinds of service ecosystems the ecosystem metamodels provide a vocabulary to be used, as well as suggest a process or working method to be followed.




Pirjo Moen, university lecturer, PhD

Areas of interest:

  • Interoperability and Service-oriented Computing, especially privacy-related issues
    • Privacy-preserving Data Integration and Sharing
    • Enterprise policies
  • Data Mining, especially
    • Privacy-preserving Data Mining
    • Distributed Data Mining
    • Web Usage Mining
  • Data Warehousing
  • Computer Science Education



PhD students


Yiyun Shen, PhD student

Markus Miettinen, PhD student, working in industry




Puneet Kaur, MSc


Alexander Norta, PhD

Currently, I am working on the research project SOAMeS. Before, I was a PhD candidate at the TU-Eindhoven in the Netherlands where I was a member of the BETA research school.

My PhD was embedded in the EU research project called CrossWork. In CrossWork we focused on distributed, cross-organizational development processes in the automotive industry, forming Networks of Automotive Excellence (NoAE). The main project objective is the development of mechanisms for automated workflow formation and enactment, enabling NoAE. Our technological approach was based on Multiagent Systems (MAS), introducing the paradigm of distributed & decentralized decision making in Workflow Management Systems (WfMS). In a nutshell, my research interest are e-business, inter- and intra-organizational business process management, service-oriented systems, software engineering, web-service technology, workflow management,....

Lea Viljanen, PhLic, working in industry, founded her own company



Janne Metso, researcher, MSc, PhD student

My PhD work will focus on computer supported contract negotiations. The goal is to extend the current Pilarcos middleware with a negotiation system that is capapble of making decisions in routine cases by itself. I will apply multi-agent negotiations to solve the problem. I also plan to asses different negotiation protocols to be used in the negotiations and refine the information content that is needed for contracts. I am currently doing a state of the art survey about the current state of the multi agent negotiation systems.


Jyrki Haajanen, MSc, PhD student, team leader at VTT

My PhD work focuses on strategic evolution concepts for SOA enabled business networks. My goal is to provide a methodology for business network modelling for strategic considerations and investment decisions.

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