HYAD workstations (Linux, Windows, OS X) @ Department of Computer Science

Since autumn 2013 Department of Computer Science has used IT Center's Linux, Windows and OS X distributions.

What is going to be changed?

You need to use your HYAD account to log on in these computers. The default home directory is provided by IT Center.

You can access your personal network directory on CS department's file server from these paths:

Linux: /home/fs/home/<username>
Windows: \\nas-fs.cs.helsinki.fi\home\<username>
OS X: \\nas-fs.cs.helsinki.fi\home\<username>

 and group directories from these paths:

Linux: /home/group/<group name>
Windows: \\nas-fs.cs.helsinki.fi\group\<group name>
OS X: \\nas-fs.cs.helsinki.fi\group\<group name>

Any problems

If you have any problems with the software or hardware please contact to helpdesk@helsinki.fi. If you want to ask more about this change please contact it-support@cs.helsinki.fi.

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