Computational Creativity Project

Algoritmit ja koneoppiminen
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Vuosi Lukukausi Päivämäärä Periodi Kieli Vastuuhenkilö
2015 syksy 26.10-11.12. 2-2 Englanti Hannu Toivonen


Group: 1
Aika Huone Ohjaaja Päivämäärä Huomioitavaa
Ti 12-14 C220 Simo Linkola 27.10.2015—27.10.2015
Ti 12-14 C220 Simo Linkola 17.11.2015—17.11.2015
To 14-16 B222 Simo Linkola 10.12.2015—10.12.2015


Computational Creativity Project builds on the course Introduction to Computational Creativity (ItCC).

In this project students work individually or in small groups (2-3 persons) aiming to create software that has creative capabilities in some sense. The ideas and frameworks introduced in the ItCC course are though to be known beforehand, but the course is free for all (although students who have not taken ItCC will need to do some extra work in order to get familiar with general concepts in computational creativity). Project's topic should be discussed with, and agreed by, the course staff.

All meetings are compulsory. If you can not be present in some meeting, send e-mail to Simo Linkola ( and we will agree on personal meeting.

IMPORTANT: If you were not in the first meeting, contact Simo Linkola as soon as possible, at the latest Wed 4.11..

The course is graded by the returned project and written project report.

Slides from the first meeting.