Cryptography and Network Security

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The course consists of an introduction to RSA and elliptic curve cryptography, and to key agreement protocols and their design principles. In addition, the course contains an introduction to some larger security protocol, for example HIP.


14.12.2012 16.00 CK112
Vuosi Lukukausi Päivämäärä Periodi Kieli Vastuuhenkilö
2012 syksy 29.10-05.12. 2-2 Englanti Timo Karvi


Aika Huone Luennoija Päivämäärä
Ma 12-14 C222 Timo Karvi 29.10.2012-05.12.2012
Ke 10-12 C222 Timo Karvi 29.10.2012-05.12.2012
To 12-14 CK107 Timo Karvi 29.11.2012-29.11.2012


Group: 1
Aika Huone Ohjaaja Päivämäärä Huomioitavaa
Ke 12-14 C222 Timo Karvi 05.11.2012—07.12.2012
Group: 2
Aika Huone Ohjaaja Päivämäärä Huomioitavaa
To 10-12 B222 Timo Karvi 05.11.2012—07.12.2012

The lecture on Monday 26th of November has been moved to Thursday 29th of November at 12 room CK107!



The aim of this course is to give a brief exposition of three topics. The first topic deals with the symmetric cipher AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and public key cryptography based on RSA. These two techniques are used nearly in all the security protocols. Moreover, the first part tries to give a firm foundation on basic mathematical theories which are used in cryptographical constructions. The second topic is devoted to the study of the design of key agreement protocols. These protocols usually form the first part of more general security protocols. Their design is quite delicate and it is easy to make errors which open ways to attacks. The third topic  consists of group key agreement protocols or conference protocols as they are also called..



Kurssin suorittaminen

Passing the course

The course can be passed in two ways. The recommended alternative is to take part in the course and its exercises and then going to a course exam. In this exam, the points (0-6) got from the exercises are taken into account  when the final grade is determined. The course exam can produce at most 54 points and you can pass the course with 30 points. The second alternative is to take part in a separate exam, where the exercise points are not taken into account. 
The course exam date:
1) December 14, 16-19, room A111 (check the room still before the exam!)

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The lecture slides are published weekly on this page before the actual lectures.


If you prefer books, you can follow the following books:

  • W. Stallings: Cryptography and Network Security, 4th or 5th edition.
  • Boyd and Mathuria: Protocols for Authentication and Key Establishment,  Springer 2003.