582668 Project in String Processing Algorithms (luonnos 22.12.2014)

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  • programming skills
  • basic knowledge on algorithms and data structures on strings (String Processing Algorithms course or equivalent knowledge)
  • implements simple algorithms and data structures on strings
  • documents the implementations sufficiently to enable compiling and running the implementations and understanding the code
  • checks the correctness of the implementations with simple tests and documents this
  • optimizes the implementations to a reasonable decree and documents this
  • finds the state-of-the-art algorithms and implementations in the literature and/or on the internet
  • develops an implementation that outperforms previous algorithms/implementations
  • same as above
  • designs and performs an experimental comparison of the implementations and finds some non-trivial information about their performance as a result
  • provides a good idea of the performance of the implementations over a range of situations (for example over different sizes and types of inputs or over different parameter settings)
  • identifies some of the the main strengths and weaknesses of the algorithms and implementations in terms of practical performance
  • explains some of the behaviour observed in the experiments (for example by theoretical analysis or by key implementation details)
  • draws conclusions about the experimental results
  • designs a new algorithm or improves an implementation based on the results of the experiments
  • same as above
  • summarizes the algorithms, their implementations, the experiments and their results to an audience
  • describes the algorithm and implementation details that are relevant for understanding the experimental results
  • describes the experiments with enough detail for someone to repeat them
  • presents the results in a way that highlights the key conlusions
  • presents the information in a way that is understandable to someone with just a rudimentary knowledge of the prequisites
  • summarizes the state-of-athe-art on related algorithms and implementations
  • finds information on scientific presentation and uses the information in designing the presentation


23.12.2014 - 00:49 Juha Kärkkäinen
23.12.2014 - 00:49 Juha Kärkkäinen