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Introduction to security in software engineering and software projects: Why do security vulnerabilities appear in software? How can a software development project perform security assurance? Architectural security risk analysis and security-enhancing design patterns. Software security in the infrastructure of the society. The course takes a pragmatic view of security with a real-life software industry background. Weekly exercises include technical testing and design exercises as well as writing essays. Recommended (not compulsory) course book: M. G. Graff & K. R. van Wyk: Secure Coding: Principles and Practices, O"Reilly Media, 2003. Further reading recommendation: G. McGraw: Software Security: Building security in, Addison-Wesley, 2006. This course cannot be taken as a separate exam. (Grading based on weekly tasks.)
Vuosi Lukukausi Päivämäärä Periodi Kieli Vastuuhenkilö
2014 kevät 12.03-23.04. 4-4 Englanti Sini Ruohomaa


Aika Huone Luennoija Päivämäärä
Ke 16-18 D122 Sini Ruohomaa 12.03.2014-23.04.2014


Group: 1
Aika Huone Ohjaaja Päivämäärä Huomioitavaa
Ma 16-18 D122 Sini Ruohomaa 17.03.2014—25.04.2014

The registration will start on Monday 13th of January and it will be open until 21st of February. We may need to limit the number of students registering for the course.


The course lectures are held by Antti Vähä-Sipilä, who has notable experience in software security from the industry. The course is given in English. From the university side, the course team includes Sini Ruohomaa and Prof. N. Asokan.

The course can be taken by BSc and MSc-level students and included in either degree. At BSc level at UH, you should have passed the Tietorakenteet course and have knowledge equivalent to Tietoliikenteen perusteet (Introduction to data communications) and Käyttöjärjestelmät/Tietokoneen toiminta (Operating systems, Computer organization). See the course learning goals Prequisites column for details.

Due to limited participation, the course will have early registration schedule. We will apply manual student selection (like with seminars), so not just first-come-first-served.

For more information on the course, see the course wiki page.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask: mail Sini Ruohomaa (