PhD Student Seminar

A total of 6 credits (i.e., six semesters) from PhD Student Seminars are compulsory for a PhD degree. All 6 credits are given at the end of the PhD studies of a student. See the seminar web page for more details.


Vuosi Lukukausi Päivämäärä Periodi Kieli Vastuuhenkilö
2011 kevät 28.01-25.03. 3-4 Englanti Jussi Kangasharju


Aika Huone Luennoija Päivämäärä
Pe 12-16 C222 Jussi Kangasharju 28.01.2011-28.01.2011
Pe 12-16 B222 Jussi Kangasharju 25.03.2011-25.03.2011

Information for international students

The language of the seminar is English. The seminar is intended for PhD students.

Email list: Please join the moderated cs-doctoral-list to receive emails about this seminar and PhD studies in general.




The PhD seminar is on ongoing seminar meeting two times per term (four times per year). It is is an obligatory part of the PhD studies for students that started their studies after 1 August 2008.

Each term corresponds to 1 credit point. A total of 6 credits (i.e., six terms) from the seminar is compulsory for a PhD degree. All 6 credits are given at the end of the PhD studies.

Programme for 2010-2011

  • 15 Sep 2010 at 14-19: Hecse Autumn School 2010
  • 16 Sep 2010 at 9-14.30 Hecse Autumn School 2010
  • 17 Sep 2010 at 12-14 in C222
    • Laura Langohr: My past and future doctoral research (Y2 presentation): As a PhD students I am giving the obligatory presentation after about two years of my studies on my progress so far. The first half of the presentation will be on a general level about what I have done so far: finding representative nodes as well as retrieving relevant and non-redundant nodes in weighted graphs. The other half will be on my plans how to finish the thesis, that is mainly the research I plan to do within this academic year.
    • New students present themselves (one slide)
      • Aaron Ding: Signaling Efficiency in Mobile and Wireless Networks
      • Esther Galbrun: Graph Mining for Computational Creativity Support
      • Yiyun Shen: Privacy in Inter-Enterpise Communication
      • Joonas Paalasmaa: Contactless Sleep Analysis
    • PhD seminar
    • International scientific activities
    • Discussion on the programme for the rest of the year 2010-2011
  • 12 Nov 2010 at 12-16 in C222
    • We attend the following dissertation
    • Esa Pitkänen will defend his thesis "Computational Methods for Reconstruction and Analysis of Genome-Scale Metabolic Networks" on 12 Nov 2010 at 12 noon in the Main building, auditorium XII. His opponent is Professor Jacques van Helden (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgia) and custos Professor Esko Ukkonen.
    • Attending the dissertation counts as attending the seminar once.
  • 28 Jan 2011 at 12-16 in C222
    • Career planning & experience
      • 12:15 Harri Valpola, Zenrobotics: Building Brains for Robotics
      • 13:00 Teemu Roos, Dept of CS and HIIT: Helsinki, Berkeley, MIT, Helsinki: Postdoctoral journeys in the world of information theory
    • New students presentations
    • Break
    • 2nd year presentations
      • 14:15 Harri Forsgren: From Needham-Schroeder to identity-based cryptography: Advances and challenges in automatic security protocol verification
      • 14:35 Panu Luosto: Clustering based on the minimum description length principle
      • 14: 55 Anni Rytkönen: Comparative view on systems for learning environments
      • 15:15 Niko Välimäki: Applications of Compressed Indexing in Bioinformatics and Information Retrieval
    • Research topic presentations
      • 15:35 Fang Zhou: Compression of weighted graphs (joint work with Hannu Toivonen, Aleksi Hartikainen, and Atte Hinkka)
    • 25 Mar 2011 -> 17 Mar 2011 afternoon (more precise time later): Poster exhibition and meeting with mentors. Department Open Days.
    • We are planning to have this poster exhibition together with the Kumpula Open Doors day on 17 March 2011 instead. This will bring a bigger audience to the department and the exhibition. More information later.

Possible themes for 2010-2011

  • Entrepreneurship, innovation, productization
  • Privacy, IPR
  • Career planning, employment opportunities after graduation
  • Funding possibilites, Academy & Tekes applications

The seminar continues in the autumn of 2011.

Contact person: Research Coordinator Greger Lindén




Kurssin suorittaminen

To pass the seminar students should

  • attend at least 75% of the meetings during 3 years (i.e., 9 times out of 12 if the seminar meets twice/term)
  • give at least two presentations
    • presentation after about two years of studies on the student's progress so far: the first half of the presentation would be on a general level (remember your audience) about that you have done so far, the other half about what your thesis will look like and also how your plan to finish the thesis looks like
    • a presentation on a chosen subject, e.g., the topic of an accepted conference article
  • new students should prepare one slide presenting themselves (name, supervisor, group, topic of PhD studies). Please make a pdf version of the slide, bring it along on a USB stick, or put it on the web beforehand
  • review papers and get reviews for own papers
  • A possibility to replace some of the obligatory requirements with some other task by agreement of the teachers.