Project in Machine Vision

Algoritmit ja koneoppiminen
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Students gain a deeper understanding in some areas of machine vision through a practical project. As a prerequisite, the Seminar: Machine Learning in Computer Vision is very useful but not strictly required.
Vuosi Lukukausi Päivämäärä Periodi Kieli Vastuuhenkilö
2016 kevät 20.01-02.03. 3-3 Englanti Mats Sjöberg


Aika Huone Luennoija Päivämäärä
Ke 12-14 C220 Mats Sjöberg 20.01.2016-02.03.2016

Information for international students

This project course will be held in English.


Computer vision is a research discipline motivated by the need of building machines that can see.  This has turned out to be a hard task: modern computers can be used for a variety of remarkable feats but they are often outperformed in simple vision tasks by a three-year old child.

There has however been considerable recent progress in many subfields of computer vision.  For a large part, this is due to advances in machine learning, which is nowadays deployed extensively in all kinds of vision applications. Machine learning in computer vision will be covered in the seminar Machine Learning in Computer Vision on Autumn 2015, and this project accompanies the seminar. Both the seminar and this project can, however, be taken separately as well.

Kurssin suorittaminen

The requirements for passing the project are:

  • implementation of some computer vision algorithm or algorithms,
  • running experiments,
  • writing a short scientific report detailing the method, implementation and experiments,
  • giving a short (10-15 min) presentation/demo to other students at the end.

If you have already done the accompanying seminar course, and you wish to do your project on the same topic, you may reuse your report from the seminar course, as long as you add a description of the experiments and the implemented algorithm. The full source code must also be submitted separately. in all cases.

The first meeting is on Wednesday, January 20th at 12:15-14:00 in room C220. In this introductory session we will cover the practical arrangements of the course and some examples. After this there will be a weekly help session at the same time and place.

Presentations and/or demos will be given on Wednesday, March 2 in the regular place and time (12:15 in C220).

The deadline for selecting a topic (to be approved by the lecturer) is January 31st.

The final deadline for the report is March 6th.


Kirjallisuus ja materiaali

Material from the introduction lecture:

Useful links: