MSc Thesis Seminar on Bioinformatics

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In the seminar, students writing a MSc thesis in Bioinformatics will present their progress in two presentations: a topic presentation in the beginning of the thesis, and another presentation on the close to final thesis. The seminar is compulsory for students in the MBI programme, but it is open for other students whose thesis topic is in bioinformatics.
Vuosi Lukukausi Päivämäärä Periodi Kieli Vastuuhenkilö
2015 syksy 07.09-11.12. 1-2 Englanti


Aika Huone Luennoija Päivämäärä
Ma 16-18 C222 Siru Varvio 07.09.2015-07.09.2015

Information for international students

Thesis presentations:

Aravind Sankar, Identification of bacterial strains from sequencing data using probabilistic modelling

Ni Shuai, Computational prediction of EST-regulated elements for prostate cancer susceptibility in human genome

Jinmin Lei, Kernel methods for protein-protein interaction prediction