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EDOC2011 PhD student symposium 26.8.2011




In order to provide further opportunity for the EDOC community to prosper in future too, we have decided to offer a PhD symposium on Friday August 26, in the Helsinki area. This is the Friday preceeding EDOC2011 and its workshops.
We are fortunate to be able to join COMP-IT Summer School on Computation, Innovation and Information Technology 2011 for this. COMP-IT (see http://fics.hiit.fi/comp-it-2011) is jointly arranged by Finnish Doctoral Programme in Computational Sciences FICS (http://fics.hiit.fi/), Future Internet Graduate School FIGS (http://figs.hiit.fi/) , Helsinki Graduate School in Computer Science and Engineering Hecse (http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/hecse/) and with the Helsinki node of the EIT ICT Labs (http://eit.ictlabs.eu/). This is a yearly event on computational topics, cutting across the core competences and thematic areas of EIT ICT Labs.
The COMP-IT summer school program runs 22-26 August (http://fics.hiit.fi/summerschool2011#timetable), but the Friday August 26 provides EDOC community a few hours of PhD symposium working time. The Friday program includes for example a talk by professor Mike Papazoglou - of course on a different topic than in the conference keynote.
In the EDOC PhD symposium we plan to have 8-12 PhD student talks with discussion, taking place in Friday afternoon. We urge EDOC steering committee members and PC members to send their PhD students to this event. Tee whole week is accessible free of charge. However, the EDOC PhD symposium specific program takes place on Friday - and possibly continues during the EDOC week too. During the weekend between the events, social program is being organised (facebook group link below for this purpose).
We also hope that senior members of the community will be present for commenting and discussing the PhD research work, providing feedback and broader vision on the field.
The position papers submitted to the event will be published as postproceedings in University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science report series, and made available electronically.
We expect  max 6 pages position papers in IEEE format (see EDOC submission instructions). In addition to the submission, the student's advisor should email to the Ph.D. symposium chair (see below) a letter of recommendation. The letter must include an assessment of the current status of the thesis research. All submitted papers will get careful written feedback after a quick speaker selection process.
EIT ICT Labs members may apply for travel/accommodation stipends. COMP-IT takes place in Espoo, while EDOC is situated in Helsinki. Short accommodation can be booked from COMP-IT venue. For this, please contact the COMP-IT organizers.