Wireless instructions | EDOC 2011

Wireless instructions

Wireless network

For all conference participants, wireless Internet access is offered in the entire Exactum building. 

In case you need technical assistance, ask the EDOC2011 registration desk to give our support team a call.

Method 1 "eduroam":

If your home organization is a member of the eduroam initiative and you have configured your equipment beforehand for eduroam  use, you should be able to access the Internet directly through our (virtual) eduroam network (SSID "eduroam"). Our support team  will not be able to help configure your eduroam connection, because  information from your home organization is needed.

Method 2 "EDOC2011":

All participants can use our conference specific virtual network (SSID "EDOC2011") that is secured with WPA2-PSK (also called WPA2-Personal).

Setting up a device for WPA2-PSK use should be straightforward.  However, if you are using a non-Microsoft connection  manager or similar software with Windows,  the process may be more complicated. Our support team is able to assist  you at least with ControlPoint Connection Manager.