/cs/group file system full

09.05.2014 - 07:00 - 15.05.2014 - 11:00

/cs/group filesystem had gotten full and its size cannot be extended anymore. Some space has now been freed, so there is breathing space again. Please, check your own group directories and remove all unnecessary files (temporary files, downloaded files which are not useful anymore).

/cs/group directory is also not visible in Ukko cluster anymore. 

To stop group directory from filling immediately again I made some adjustments to group quotas:

Files owned by the tkol group cannot be created anymore. Also, all files belonging to wrong group (eg. files having group foo but residing in group directory bar) will be changed to their proper group.

All quota hard limits have been adjusted so that they are at most 1900 gigabytes. If your group is over this limit, more files cannot be created in /cs/group directory until some other files have been removed.


09.05.2014 - 10:41 Jani Jaakkola
09.05.2014 - 10:41 Jani Jaakkola