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I can totally understand that you wanted to learn some Slovene, even if it isn't of much use to you later on. I had the same feeling when I came to Finland and initially planed to stay just one year.

Still, my Finnish is only very basic to this day. My own laziness being the main reason: For someone from Central Europe, Finnish isn't easy to pick up. But most Finns speak pretty decent English and so you can get along rather easy without learning Finnish. For me personally, it wasn't until the very end of my stint that I met some people whom I actually wanted to talk to and couldn't, because they didn't speak English. At least this experience kept the intention to learn the language alive.

I don't consider the office or coffee room the ideal place to practice. Again, maybe I am just lazy, but I go to the coffee room to relax and have some small talk. I do not go there to painfully try to come up with one understandable sentence only to get told that I made about a dozen mistakes in it (and I have to be told about the mistakes, as otherwise I wouldn't learn).


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