Editing your own personal information


  1. Go to the bottom of the page and click "Login to site"
  2. Log in using your CS username and password
  3. Go to your own page for example by clicking on your username in the top black bar
  4. Choose"Edit"on top of the page and you can edit your information
  5. At the moment the editable fields are Picture, Mobile and Office Hours.

Some information is taken directly from the personnel database of the department. If your information is incorrect, please contact Teija Kujala.

Creating additional pages

  1. Log in (previous 1-2)
  2. Choose 'Add content'
  3. Choose 'Personal Information'
  4. Create the page and choose with the 'Teaser' button where the teaser of the page ends
  5. Save

The teaser is now visible on your personal page. You can translate your additional page normally.

Importing publications from the TUHAT database

As importing publications from the TUHAT datbase relies on HTML parsing and not on a service provided by TUHAT, the instructions contains tricks, so it is important to read the instructions carefully.

  1. Go to your TUHAT profile, e.g. Arto Vihavainen's profile is at https://tuhat.halvi.helsinki.fi/portal/fi/persons/arto-vihavainen%287a461b33-c250-494c-b3cb-a648833468ea%29.html
  2. Choose English as your language from the top of the page
  3. Choose the page Publications
  4. Copy the url of the page, in Arto's case https://tuhat.halvi.helsinki.fi/portal/en/persons/arto-vihavainen%287a461b33-c250-494c-b3cb-a648833468ea%29/publications.html
    • Note that the url should containt /en/ as this will make the explanation texts to be in English
  5. Go to our department's site and log in from the bottom of the page
  6. Choose Add content from the top of the page and choose Tuhat database importer
  7. Write something descriptive, like "Arto Vihavainen's Tuhat importer", in the mandatory field Title
  8. Select your username in the Researcher field
  9. Put the url you copied in the url field and add ?pageSize=-1 to the end or the url, in Arto's case https://tuhat.halvi.helsinki.fi/portal/en/persons/arto-vihavainen%287a461b33-c250-494c-b3cb-a648833468ea%29/publications.html?pageSize=-1
    • The url should not contain & signs
    • Don't alter the XPath Parser Settings information
  10. Save
  11. In Arto's case you can see the result at http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/en/people/avihavai

The publications are updated automatically every 1-2 days.

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