University has 4 floating Mathematica licenses, which are available to CS department's users too. Mathematica version 8 has been installed in interactive server and can be started there with command 'Mathematica'. You can start a remote mathematica session from the Linux command line with the command​:

$ ssh -X mathematica

When you start Mathematica for the first time, it asks you for a license key. Click Other ways to activate, select Connect to a network license server and enter as license server name. You also need to accept Mathematica License Agreement. 

Please, remember to close your mathematica sessions when you do not use them, since there is only 4 licenses available for the whole university.

Contact CS Department's IT support group if you want to have Mathematica installed on your personal workstation or laptop. 

06.02.2014 - 16:08 Ville Hautakangas
25.01.2013 - 14:33 Jani Jaakkola