Printing to Unigrafia's printers

Department's printers are all Canon network printers provided by Unigrafia. Department's print queues are provided by university's IT services. 

Please see also University's IT services printing documentation but remember that this documentation does not always apply to CS department's systems

Steps to take:

  1. Add printer queue (Cubbli Linux does this for you)

  2. Submit print job (a.k.a. print from your program)

  3. Authenticate on your computer. This not needed in Windows after storing your password and Cubbli hosts now use single sign on (kerberos) authentication.

  4. Go to printer and use your card to login

Adding print queues to CS Dept Windows hosts (smartcard and personal printers)

Select  Start – All Programs – HY – HY Install Printers - Install-HYAD-Print-connection.exe. This installs a printer queue Smartcard-PCL and the queue to the printer in your office if you have one. It also stores your HYAD password, so use this after you have changed your HYAD password.

To install additional personal printers (including printers in A242, B221 and A317) please use
Start – All Programs – HY – HY Install Printers - Search-HYAD-printer.exe

The username is entered in format ATKK\username and the password is your HYAD password (same as for Flamma).

Adding personal printers to HY-AD Windows 7 hosts

Personal printers do not have the Show your ID-Card sticker and they have their own print queues.

If you have a HY-AD Windows 7 host you can do it as follows: 

  1. Write down the serial number of the printer. You can find the number from the red and white sticker on the side of the device (e.g. LYE12345 / MMKA123456 / MXDA123456).
  2. Open on your computer: “HY Install Printers”. Start – All Programs – HY – HY Install Printers.
  3. Type the serial number in the search window – Search – choose printing queue – Click “Install Printer(s)”.
  4. After this, the printer can be found with the serial number from the printer list and printing is possible.

Personal printers to CS dept Linux hosts (Cubbli) are installed by default

The names are in format cs-<room number> (not the serial number). The username is given without any prefix.

Adding the smartcard-ps queue to Linux/Mac hosts

If you have a personal Linux or Mac host which has access to University's network you can add the smartcard-ps printer queue manually. First, download the ppd file:

$ curl -O

Then add the print queue:

$ sudo lpadmin -p smartcard-ps -o printer-is-shared=false -v smb://ATKK/ -D "Unigrafia's UH smartcard printer queue" -L "Any UH smartcard printer" -P smartcard-ps.ppd -E

You can also add print queues of personal printers using this method by using the printer's serial number as queue name instead of smartcard-ps.

Submitting a print job to shared printers

Printing to department's shared printers (actually all of University's shared cloud printers) is implemented using a shared printer queue called smartcard-ps. This print queue is preinstalled in all department's Linux installations and also on all Linux and Windows and Mac hosts using University's HYAD accounts. In CS Department's Windows installations you need manually add the print queue. The print queue requires authentication. It is no longer possible to submit print jobs without a valid HYAD account. This also applies to department's guests.  If you are printing from a host which is using HYAD accounts for logins your login credentials are automatically used to authenticate the print job. Otherwise you need to provide the authentication credentials using a print system dialog, where details of the dialog depend on the operating system used. Please see section authenticating print jobs. If you are printing from a laptop, the laptop needs to be connected to university's own network. HUPNET does not work and even eduroam does not work.

If you need to submit print jobs from your own personal laptop, the easiest way to do so is by using (the link requires HYAD authentication) printing service. Please follow these instructions.

Authenticating print jobs

Cubbli Linux hosts now use single sign on kerberos authentication to authenticate print jobs, so this step is not necessary on them anymore.

When printing from personal Linux hosts which are not using single sign on authentication, you need to open your list of pending print jobs (after you have submitted the jobs) by clicking the printer icon from the system tray at top right side of the screen. Select the smartcard-ps queue using a left click. The select the jobs which have status Held for authentication using a right click and then select Authenticate. You will be prompted for a Username and Password with a Authentication required for printing document window. Use your HYAD user account and password to authenticate your jobs. After a successfull authentication the jobs will vanish from the print queue and will be available for printing at the smart card printers. If for some reason the printer icon is not visible, you can access it by running command  system-config-printer --show-jobs smartcard-ps. For personal printers replace smartcard-ps with the printer name (e.g. system-config-printer --show-jobs cs-b221).

This authentication step will not be necessary anymore after we have completed our project of migrating all department's hosts to use HY-AD authentication.

Printing succesfully submitted jobs using an identification card

A succesfully submitted print job can be printed using any of the Unigrafia's shared printers using an identification card (ID card). Staff members can get Unigrafia's ID cards from office supplies room (C234), but you can also use a HSL travel card or a Lyyra card.

Swipe your card at the Show your ID-Card here sticker (not the screen). When you first use your identification card you need to provide your HY-AD account and password using the printer's keyboard. After swiping your card press the Secure Print button to see your print jobs. Jobs printed using Linux or Mac hosts or using are missing their names and are shown only as a Remote Downlevel Document (this is a bug).

Print jobs in the queue are automatically removed after 4 hours. University's instructions for using ID cards is available through this link.

Remember to log out of the printer after you have printed your jobs. Printing stops if you logout before your print job is finished. Auto-logout is done after 9 minutes of inactivity.

Print quotas

Printing is not free and is paid by the department of the printing user. CS Department's staff have no print quotas.

Student printing to be renewed on April 15, 2014

The current printing quotas will be abandoned. Black-and-white printing will continue to be free-of-charge for students until autumn on specific, distinctly marked printers in common IT facilities. In Exactum these printers are in B221 (computer lab) and DK110 (24h Navetta). It is only possible to print black-and-white materials with these printers and it is not possible to copy or scan with them. In addition, students are only allowed to print study-related materials, and usage numbers are monitored.

Unigrafia multi-function printers, intended for colour printing, scanning and copying, will become subject to charge on April 15. Materials not related to studying are allowed to be printed on these devices.

From you can access the online shop. From the shop students can load balance for the use of the multi-function printers.

More about StudentPrintPoints on HelpDesk.

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