Procedure for determining damages

Both students and staff are liable to pay damages if university property comes to any harm.  University property can consist of anything, including intellectual property. When determining any liability, the circumstances of where the damage was caused and what level of carefulness would have been necessary to avoid the damage will be considered.

If the damage could not have been avoided in any circumstances, it is deemed an accident and no one is liable to pay for it.

If it transpires that much more care should have been taken than can be deemed normal in the circumstances, the damage will be deemed minor negligence and will not lead to liability.

If the damage could have been prevented with normal, everyday diligence, it is negligence and the perpetrator is liable to pay damages. The damages will consist of either repair costs or, if the property has been harmed beyond repair, its bookkeeping depreciation value before the damage, including VAT. The amount of damages may be made equitable in special cases.

Damages caused on purpose will primarily have to be paid in full.

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