Use of department's computers by all at the university

All computers in CS Department's public areas (classrooms, auditoriums, lecture rooms) can be temporarily used without a separate account at the Department.

The only requirement is a valid AD account at Helsinki University. If you can log on to Alma, or Mappi email, you can also use our public computers.

When using computers as csguest, any files created on the local hard drive are automatically erased after logging out. Before ending the session, any work should be copied either to removable media (USB or optical drive), or to some network location the user has access to.

On Windows operating system, one logs in as "csguest" with the password "csguest". Next, the system will ask for the IT Department main account name and password (University AD account).

On Linux systems, the csguest account does not have a password, but the AD account is requested immediately after entering "csguest" as username.

Lisätietoja saa tietojenkäsittelytieteen laitoksen tietotekniikkaylläpidolta osoitteesta tai ylläpidon työhuoneista 2. kerroksen A-siivestä.

Additional information is available from the Department IT group at or face to face from the IT group's offices (we are on the 2nd floor, between A212 and A245).

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