Windows remote use server


WinServer – the Windows remote access server

WinServer is an efficient Windows 2008 R2 Terminal Server for remote access to software in the Windows environment for temporary user needs. You can access MS Office files quickly, for example, or use other Windows software like Internet Explorer or Corel Draw from Linux.

How do I use the remote access server?

To use the remote access server you need an active user account for the CS Department system and an active user profile for the Windows system. (This means that users must have logged into the department’s Windows system at least once, either in a computer lab or their own workstation.)
To access the server from Linux, use the prompt ‘windows.' After entering the prompt, users log on to the server via an ordinary login window for the Windows system. Log on with your normal CS department domain account (the same as your Linux username).
You can log on to the WinServer from your home computer with the rdesktop program and using e.g. the following prompt options.
rdesktop -u <username> -d TKTL -k fi -g 1024x768
During a session, the server gives you access to your home directory on the file servers (FS-x) and to the department's public printers. A session initiated with the window prompt is ended normally by logging off the server (Start->Log off).

Please note

Security, software updates, and other maintenance is carried out once a month. The server will be down regularly for these monthly upgrades and other measures.  We aim at timing the downtime during the official downtime of the department, the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 8-9 o’clock.


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