SomeJam Hackathon

Software Systems
Intermediate studies
At the SomeJam Hackathon you"ll learn to apply a service design approach to build software applications that find their audience. During the 48-hour event you will be working in teams to research and prototype web-based solutions for young people.
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2016 spring 18.03-20.03. 4-4 English Hanna Mäenpää



Are you interested in helping the world to become a better place?  At the SomeJam -event you get to do this with people from different disciplines on the topic you choose. You will be working in teams to research, experiment and prototype new services for young people. The event lasts for 48 hours.  The place is very cosy. Food is available. However, we have no idea what’s being installed on the local desktop computers at Happi so if possible, bring your own laptop with development tools of your choise pre-installed.

More information about the event: 

Experiences and projects from the last two years:


1.Register at


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2. Expect fun! Expect also hard work. Making a working prototype really fast is not easy.

3. Meet us at the SomeJam event at 18:00 on Friday 18th at the awesome youth center HappiHere’s pictures from the location:

Requirements for the study credits:

Participating in the event. Presenting a working software prototype and a related Github-repository under open source license of your choise.  Writing a blog post on your experience in CS App Ideas blog




SomeJam -weekend event


Demo at the Software Factory, time to be agreed with participants.


Deadline for blog posts. Course feedback.



This course is organized by Hanna Mäenpää  together with the Linkki outreach centre.