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Networking and Services
Advanced studies
This course presents the basic concepts and solution principles of distributed systems. The main topics are synchronization, consistency, fault tolerance, distributed consensus, and security. The course considers different kinds of distributed systems, from modern warehouse-scale datacenters to wide-area, loosely-coupled distributed systems. The focus is on gaining an understanding on how modern distributed systems are designed and built and what are their theoretical underpinnings. The course covers the basic algorithms of distributed systems and the current state of research in the area. Course material: Largely based on research articles and supplemental material. Selected material from the book "Barroso, L. A., Clidaras, J. and Hölzle, U.: The Datacenter as a Computer¿. (book is available online)
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2002 spring 15.01-15.03. Finnish


Time Room Lecturer Date
Tue 10-12 A414 Opetusohjelman suunnittelija 15.01.2002-15.03.2002
Fri 10-12 A414 Opetusohjelman suunnittelija 15.01.2002-15.03.2002

Exercise groups

Group: 1
Time Room Instructor Date Observe
Thu 16-18 B453 Opetusohjelman suunnittelija 21.01.2002—22.03.2002
Group: 2
Time Room Instructor Date Observe
Fri 8-10 B453 Opetusohjelman suunnittelija 21.01.2002—22.03.2002