Algorithms and machine learning
Advanced studies
Design techniques of approximation algorithms: greedy algorithms and local search, rounding data and dynamic programming, linear programming relaxations. Example problems: Vertex Cover, Set Cover, Metric Steiner Tree and TSP, Knapsack, Bin Packing. (A larger course with the same name was given in 2010.) Prerequisites: the course Design and Analysis of Algorithms or equivalent. Course book: D. P. Williamson, D. B. Shmoys: The design of Approximation Algorithms, Cambridge University Press, 2011.
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2010 spring 19.01-31.05. 3-4 Finnish


Time Room Lecturer Date
Tue 8-10 B222 Jyrki Kivinen 19.01.2010-26.02.2010
Fri 12-14 D123 Jyrki Kivinen 19.01.2010-26.02.2010
Tue 8-10 B222 Jyrki Kivinen 16.03.2010-30.04.2010
Fri 12-14 C220 Jyrki Kivinen 16.03.2010-30.04.2010

Exercise groups

Group: 1
Time Room Instructor Date Observe
Mon 14-16 BK106 Jouni Siren 25.01.2010—26.02.2010
Mon 14-16 BK106 Jouni Siren 15.03.2010—30.04.2010