CINCO Laboratory

Networking and Services
Advanced studies
The laboratory course purpose is to create hands-on experience on i) implementing ecosystem infrastructure services, ii) modeling and/or implementing reusable services for the selected open service ecosystem that is shared with other students, creating a game-like experience in utilising the self-created services, iii) modeling business network models for defining the "game" in which the just mentioned services act as components, iv) implementing/tailoring MDE tools or viewpoint modeling tools for specific ecosystem types, v) trying out service-oriented engineering methods and tools, and vi) simulating the behaviour of selected ecosystems or business network models.
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2014 spring 13.01-16.05. 3-4 English Lea Kutvonen

Information for international students

CINCO Laboratory will be working on a constantly running manner, with individual schedules. Some topics work best with a committed group of 2-5 students working as a joint project.

A shared getting-started session will be organised in January or early February.

The work effor required is 1-4 cu, depending on the exercise selected.

More information on CINCO group education at pages, and on pages.