CINCO Laboratory

Networking and Services
Advanced studies
The laboratory course purpose is to create hands-on experience on i) implementing ecosystem infrastructure services, ii) modeling and/or implementing reusable services for the selected open service ecosystem that is shared with other students, creating a game-like experience in utilising the self-created services, iii) modeling business network models for defining the "game" in which the just mentioned services act as components, iv) implementing/tailoring MDE tools or viewpoint modeling tools for specific ecosystem types, v) trying out service-oriented engineering methods and tools, and vi) simulating the behaviour of selected ecosystems or business network models.
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2015 spring 12.01-01.05. 3-4 English Lea Kutvonen

Information for international students

The CINCO Laboratory intention aimed for students

  • who have passed Service Ecosystems course or Service-oriented Software engineering with MDE, or have other suitable skills, and
  • who are interested in implementing or designing a  new or enhanced element into some serivice ecosystem, or
  • who are interested in enhancing ecosystem tools and runtime services or write guides for their use.

The laboratory tasks can be individual or it can be done as a group task. The laboratory work topics, methods, and schedules are agreed on case by case basis. A running set of potential themes and topics is provided on these laboratory pages.

The produced software needs to be open source, and remain part of the ecosystems that are going to be populated gradually by these contributions.

At present, the best way to get started is to ask for an appointment time.