CINCO Laboratory

Networking and Services
Advanced studies
The laboratory course purpose is to create hands-on experience on i) implementing ecosystem infrastructure services, ii) modeling and/or implementing reusable services for the selected open service ecosystem that is shared with other students, creating a game-like experience in utilising the self-created services, iii) modeling business network models for defining the "game" in which the just mentioned services act as components, iv) implementing/tailoring MDE tools or viewpoint modeling tools for specific ecosystem types, v) trying out service-oriented engineering methods and tools, and vi) simulating the behaviour of selected ecosystems or business network models.
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2016 spring 18.01-06.05. 3-4 English Lea Kutvonen



This laboratory is running without break over the year; for database management reasons each term is announced separately. 

Spring 2016 options

  • This laboratory course can be taken with individual schedules and task definitions, for which you are welcome to email topic applications.
  • Also group works are considred in order to define service ecosystems, with the requirement of having a suitable number of committed participants. Those who were on the Service ecosystems course already know some pet projects, including ecosystem definitions and repository establishment for blind nagivation support etc. Also here, individual or joint group applications are welcome.
  • A common opening session is to take place at earliest in February, due to software installation needs. The topics to be opened then are related to new tool offerings. This term we are likely to have access to some appropriate modeling or composition facilities by QPR or IBM or both. Pre-defined project topic proposals will be posted here in the beginning of February.