Algoritmien suunnittelu ja analyysi

Algorithms and machine learning
Advanced studies
General design principles of algorithms. Examples of central problems and typical solutions. Average case analysis. Amortised complexity. Recurrences. NP-completeness. Prerequisites: the course Data Structures and Algorithms or equivalent.
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2008 autumn 03.09-09.10. Finnish


Time Room Lecturer Date
Wed 12-14 B222 Otto Nurmi 03.09.2008-09.10.2008
Thu 14-16 B222 Otto Nurmi 03.09.2008-09.10.2008

Exercise groups

Group: 1
Time Room Instructor Date Observe
Thu 16-18 B222 Jouni Siren 08.09.2008—10.10.2008