582648 Compiler project (ohtk 25.8.2011)

Principal theme Prerequisite knowledge Approaches the learning objectives Reaches the learning objectives Deepens the learning objectives
  • Implementation of a compiler
58144 Compilers
  • organize development process according to the architecture of a compiler (scanning, parsing, intermediate representations, semantic analysis, code generation) 
  • implement a whole compiler
  • implement a symbol table for a block structured language
  • produce intermediate representation (e.g.. AST) from a source program
  • make basic improvements to the IR (intermediate representation)
  • implement data structures and algorithms for final code generation
  • generate executable code for a given target (real or virtual machine)
  • document and explain the encountered problems and their solutions
  • optimize code to be run on a real machine
  • utilize formal grammars and (posssibly self-made) compiler tools as a part of general application development 
31.10.2011 - 16:37 Juha Vihavainen
29.10.2011 - 19:29 Juha Vihavainen