Interactive Systems


Year Semester Date Period Language In charge


Time Room Lecturer Date
Mon 10-12 B222 Giulio Jacucci 17.01.2011-23.02.2011
Wed 10-12 B222 Giulio Jacucci 17.01.2011-23.02.2011

Exercise groups

Group: 1
Time Room Instructor Date Observe
Fri 10-12 D122 Eve Hoggan 24.01.2011—25.02.2011



 (all lecture slides will be available on Moodle -

1:    Introduction

2:    User Interface Design

3:    Input Technologies and Techniques. 

4:    Sensor- and Recognition-Based Input for Interaction. 

5:    Prototyping Tools and Techniques.

6:    Mobile Interaction Design 

7:    Multimodal Interfaces

8:    Computer Supported Cooperative Work. 

9:    Virtual Environments. 

10:  Games and Entertainment Interfaces

11:  Datamining user data from logs

12:  Usability Testing



Completing the course

Oral exam and demonstration: 4th and 5th May

Lecture attendance is compulsory (unless there are exceptional circumstances e.g. illness)