Interface Technologies

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Advanced studies
The course presents techniques, tools and working of recent important interface technologies. The focus is on learning how to develop for new input or interaction techniques, or devices. Example areas include but are not limited to: pen-based tactile and haptic UIs, 3-D interaction, touch and multi-touch, tabletop and large display interaction. The course will have several large displays, sensors, input technologies, different smartphones (Android, Nokia, IOS) as resources. The course is organized as lectures and as group assignments in working with specific interface technologies. No exams.
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2014 autumn 01.09-16.10. 1-2 English Antti Jylhä


Time Room Lecturer Date
Mon 12-14 B222 Antti Jylhä 01.09.2014-16.10.2014
Thu 12-14 B222 Antti Jylhä 01.09.2014-16.10.2014
Tue 12-14 C222 Antti Jylhä 02.12.2014-02.12.2014


The first lecture will be on 4 September, 2014, at 12:15 - 14:00 in the lecture hall B222.

All the course information will be distributed via Moodle: . You will obtain the access key on the first lecture.

The course consists of tutorial lectures on selected interface technologies in the 1st period and group-based project work in the 2nd period.