Internet of Things: Exactum Greenhouse

Networking and Services
Advanced studies
Learn embedded systems in a practical and intensive project course! Your team will design and build an Interent of Things monitoring system and a related reporting dashboard for the Exactum Greenhouse.
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2015 summer 04.05-15.06. 5-5 English Samu Varjonen


Time Room Lecturer Date
Mon 10-14 BK107 Samu Varjonen 04.05.2015-02.06.2015
Tue 10-14 BK107 Samu Varjonen 04.05.2015-02.06.2015

Information for international students

Exactum Greenhouse is located in the rooftop of our building. We need an advanced monitoring system that keeps track of the greenhouse's environmental conditions. On this creative Internet of Things -course, you will participate in setting up a sensor network that produces data for a web-based dashboard for gardeners. And more.


Personal learning projects include technologies and ways of working: 

  1. Design of your own Internet of Things device
  2. Choose your platform: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel or or any other your choise
  3. Implement and install your hardware (sensors, actuators)
  4. Design structures for physical support of your hardware (tinkering, 3D printing)
  5. Test reliability of your hardware and software solution. 

Prior knowledge on web development (Node, Angular, Rails, etc.) is appreciated. No other pre-requisites for students.



Completing the course

Week Monday (HW) Tuesday (SW) Friday Topic Deliverable
1 BK107, 10-14 BK107, 10-14   Getting familiar with the platforms Design of the prototype
2 BK107, 10-14 BK107, 10-14   Implementation Prototype
3 BK107, 10-14 BK107, 10-14   Implementation Human readable output
4 BK107, 10-14 BK107, 10-14   Integration and testing  
5 BK107, 10-14 BK107, 10-14 FInal Demo Demo Demo 9.6. at 13:00
6       Documentation



Final deadline Monday 22.6.      Tutorial blog post