Cryptography in Networking

Networking and Services
Advanced studies


20.12.2016 14.00 CK112
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2016 autumn 07.09-14.12. 1-2 English Valtteri Niemi


Time Room Lecturer Date
Wed 10-12 B222 Valtteri Niemi 07.09.2016-19.10.2016
Wed 10-12 B222 Valtteri Niemi 02.11.2016-14.12.2016

Exercise groups

Group: 1
Time Room Instructor Date Observe
Tue 10-12 B222 Valtteri Niemi 12.09.2016—21.10.2016
Tue 10-12 B222 Valtteri Niemi 31.10.2016—16.12.2016

Completing the course

The lectures and exercises are provided at the above mentioned times. Some of the exercise sessions will actually be lectures; look at the course wiki page. The exam is scheduled for tuesday 20th December at 17:00 in the room CK112..

Literature and material

The course material and some additional information can be found on the course wiki page.