Master"s thesis seminar MBI)

Advanced studies
In the seminar, students writing a MSc thesis in Bioinformatics will present their progress in two presentations: a topic presentation in the beginning of the thesis, and another presentation on the close to final thesis. The seminar is compulsory for students in the MBI programme, but it is open for other students whose thesis topic is in bioinformatics.
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2011 spring 17.01-25.04. 3-4 English Juho Rousu


Time Room Lecturer Date
Mon 16-17 C222 Juho Rousu 17.01.2011-21.02.2011
Mon 16-17 C222 Juho Rousu 14.03.2011-25.04.2011
Mon 12-18 C222 Juho Rousu 16.05.2011-16.05.2011

Information for international students

 The seminar is part of the Master's degree in bioinformatics programme (MBI).

If you are not an MBI student, but your thesis topic is/will be in bioinformatics, please contact Juho Rousu for participation in the seminar.



 Checklist for seminar attendance is attached. Note that due to missing bookkeeping information, the three Autumn 2009 sessions have been marked as fully attended by all students that were enrolled then.

Completing the course


How to pass the seminar?

  • Give two talks on your thesis:
    • Topic presentation: Around 15 minutes in length, describing the problem domain, thesis topic, methods that will be implemented/used, experiments that are planned, time schedule for the thesis project.
    • Thesis presentation: Around 30 minutes in length, presenting the thesis as a whole. The presentation can take place when the experimental part and main part of the writing has completed (does not need to be 'final version').
  • Attend to at least 12 presentations (including your own) during your MBI studies

Schedule Spring 2011


  • 17.1 No session, if you want to talk to Juho about the seminar or book a slot, please visit his office A239b.
  • 24.1
  • 31.1 Katherine Icay (plan)
  • 7.2 
  • 14.2 
  • 21.2 
  • 14.3 Shaman Narajanasamy (topic), Daniel Blande (thesis) 
  • 21.3
  • 28.3 Liang He (thesis)
  • 4.4 Efthymia Vlachopoulou  (topic), Antti Sarin (thesis)
  • 11.4 Jie Xiong (topic)
  • 18.4 Swee Chong, Wong (topic), Ajay Kumar (topic)
  • 16.5 from 12-18:  as many presentation slots are available as there are willing presenters!
    • Mikhail Shubin (thesis)
    • Pasi Korhonen (topic) 
    • Katherine Icay (thesis)
    • Ali Oghabian (thesis)
    • Swee Chong, Wong (thesis)