Seminar: Advanced Topics in Interactive Systems

Networking and Services
Advanced studies
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2012 spring 16.01-23.04. 3-4 English Eve Hoggan


Time Room Lecturer Date
Mon 14-16 B119 Eve Hoggan 16.01.2012-20.02.2012
Mon 14-16 B119 Eve Hoggan 12.03.2012-23.04.2012


 Requirements: Completion of the Interactive Systems Lecture Course


Recently a wealth of user interaction possibilities have emerged utilising sensors and other technologies resulting in pervasive computing, natural interfaces and mixed reality (for example on smartphones). The seminar selects an advanced topic to explore how emergent techniques augment system interactivity with users. Multimodal interaction is introduced along with the emergent paradigm of organic interfaces. The seminar provides methods, tools and resources to experiment and learn to develop applications of advanced interactive systems.  The seminar includes a study of related literature, student presentations and peer review tasks.