Seminar on Algorithms and Machine Learning

Algorithms and machine learning
Advanced studies
The seminar is mainly intended for students who have completed at least most of the compulsory courses in the specialisation area Algorithms and Machine Learning. Each student will prepare a written paper and give an oral presentation on some topic within the specialisation area. The students are also expected to be active in providing feedback on fellow students" papers, accepting feedback on their own papers and participating in discussions. The paper and presentation may either be based on some recent reseach article, or be an introduction to some more classic work that is not covered in regular courses. A list of suggested topics will be made available before the first meeting. Students are also encouraged to suggest their own topics.
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2011 summer 16.05-17.06. English


Time Room Lecturer Date
Mon 16-18 C220 Jyrki Kivinen 16.05.2011-16.05.2011
Fri 10-18 C220 Jyrki Kivinen 17.06.2011-17.06.2011



  • Monday 16 May 16:15–18:00: first meeting, room C220
  • Friday 20 May: e-mail to Jyrki Kivinen with a short topic description and one or two references you can use
  • 23–27 May: recommended that you make an appointment with Jyrki Kivinen to discuss your plans
  • Monday 30 May: first version of written paper; this should be about 5 pages of text that can usefully be commented upon by other students
  • Monday 13 June: final version of written paper; this should be about 10 pages in the usual thesis format
  • Friday 17 June 10:15–18:00: oral presentations in room C220; 60 minutes per student