Seminar: Green ICT

Networking and Services
Advanced studies
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2011 autumn 05.09-05.12. 1-2 English Jussi Kangasharju


Time Room Lecturer Date
Mon 14-16 C220 Jussi Kangasharju 05.09.2011-10.10.2011
Mon 14-16 C220 Jussi Kangasharju 31.10.2011-05.12.2011


 Sustainability and environmental concerns are a major topic when designing future systems in all walks of life. In this seminar, we focus on information and communication technologies and consider them from two points of view. Firstly, we will see how to make them more environmentally friendly and secondly, how to use them to make other systems more environmentally friendly. The range of possible topics is very broad and covers things like energy efficiency, device energy consumption, energy metering, smart grids, datacenters; in fact, anything that falls under either of the slogans "do green ICT" or "use ICT to make green" is acceptable. No predefined set of topics will be given; instead students should figure out their own topics during the first week of the seminar (or even develop ideas before the seminar starts).