Seminar: Modeling and Data Analysis in HCI

Networking and Services
Advanced studies
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2011 autumn 07.09-07.12. 1-2 English Giulio Jacucci


Time Room Lecturer Date
Wed 14-16 C220 Giulio Jacucci 07.09.2011-12.10.2011
Wed 14-16 C220 Giulio Jacucci 02.11.2011-07.12.2011


Human Computer Interaction offers complex data from users behavior and activities, and also interesting problems of modeling and visualizing data for human viewing and manipulation. The seminar will explore different topics in modeling and analyzing data with the aim of constructing better interactive systems. Topics include:
-modeling and recognizing behavioral cues such as gestures
-tracking physiological events
-fingerprinting uses of electrical power
-user modeling based on behavior or use data


The seminar includes readings of articles, presentations by students, and a practical assignment in groups.